Little Yıldız And Tonton Aydede Reading Tale

  Little star, how beautiful That was pretty sweet. Tonton moon grandfather to him, He taught good things. Once upon a time. Once upon a time, at the very top of a dark night in a sieve, the moon and the little star met again. Little star Tonton saluted to the moon, Tonton smiled at the little star at the moon, and then they both took their places in the sky. While a long night awaited them, the little star sneezed, "Sneezing." Tonton Aydede turned that way and said, “There is frost tonight. It would have been better if you had dressed a little tighter.” The little star nodded: "You're right, on the moon, but I forgot to take my coat when I left the house, then I forgot my key, so I couldn't go back and get my coat either. Now I can't do my homework because I forgot my school bag at home," he said. Indeed, since it was his job to stay in the sky all night, he wouldn't be able to do his homework. Because the stars come to the sky at nig